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Ruiz Neurosurgery Clinic, PC

​Dr. Henry Ruiz, is board certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery.  He has been practicing Neurosurgery in Gadsden, AL since 1984. 



  • 1962-1965 B.S. College: University Michoacana, Morelia, Mich. MEXICO. 

            Majors:  Psychology, Spanish Literature, History and Philosophy

  • 1967-1971 Medical Education:  Facility of Medicine, University        Michoacana,Morelia, Mich. MEXICO
  • 1971-1972  Pre-Graduate Rotary Internship: Mexico Institute for Social Security (IMSS), Morelia, Mich. MEXICO
  • 1972-1973  Pre-Graduate Medical Social Services:  Compulsory for the Mexican Government.  Psychiartric Hospital, Morelia, Mich.  MEXICO
  • May 31, 1973  M.D. Diploma:  Graduation as a Doctor in Medicine, Obstetrics and Surgery, Morelia, Mich. MEXICO

Post Graduate Education:

  • 1975  Junior House Physician.  St. Luke's Hospital, London, England
  • 1977-1978  Surgical House Physician (Intern) South Miami Hospital, Miami, FL
  • 1978-1979  General Surgery Resident.  The Jewish Hospital. Cincinnati, Ohio

1979-1984  Neurosurgery Resident.  The University of Tennessee Neurosurgery Program and affiliated hospitals:  Baptist Memorial, Methodist Central, John Gaston City, LeBonheur Children's and Veteran Administration, Memphis, Tennessee

Employment History:

  • ​1968-1973 Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Michoacana, Morelia, Mich.  MEXICO
  • ​1970-1973  Head of EEG, Psychiatric Hospital, Morelia, Mich.  MEXICO
  • 1974  Doctor in Tropical Medicine and Surgery.  Sainte-Croix-Leogame Hospital, Port Au Prince, Haiti, W.I.
  • 1976-1977  Cruise Ship Physician.  Carnival Cruise Lines, Inc.  Miami, FL
  • 1984-1998  PRIVATE PRACTICE IN NEUROSURGERY.  Northeast Alabama Neurological Services, Gadsden, Alabama
  • ​1998 - Present  PRIVATE PRACTICE IN NEUROSURGERY   Ruiz Neurosurgery Clinic, Gadsden, Alabama